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Get to know our friendly Dino and help him run through green and flowery meadows

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Run Run Dino is the crash game by ChimeraSpin! Help our cute dinosaur navigate the road under his huge paws.

Crash Games ChimeraSpin
Run Run Dino!

Flowers and butterflies cheer up the peaceful walk of our cheerful Dinosaur! The sky is clear and light clouds harmonize the day. All calm in a crash game you absolutely must try to defeat your boredom and enjoy superior gaming experiences with Run Run Dino!


  • Type of games: Crash Games

  • Devices: Desktop & Mobile

  • Number of Games: 1

  • Regions of operation: World

  • License: RNG by ITechLab

  • RTP: 95,00%

  • Technologies: HTML5, WebGL

  • Free Spins: No

  • Bonus: No

Learn to play in 3 simple steps!

1. Place a bet or two during the build-up to the round.

2. Watch the Dinosaur run happily. Your win increases based on the randomly generated multiplier.

3. Cash out before the Dino runs away and enjoy your earnings!

Crash Games ChimeraSpin
Run Run Dino!


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